1 Oz Britannia Gold Coin

The  2012 1 troy ounce Gold Britannia features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee portrait on the obverse with Philip Nathan’s original, breathtaking portrait of Britannia on the reverse. This premium coin is a celebration of English values that

1Kg fine gold

At any time, Keison Global will ship you one kilo of fine gold for every ten thousand Globals. Insurance and freight extra. You can also send us your existing bullion to receive the equivalent in Globals less the refining and

4Gon Global Roaming Credit – GLO 1

Add Global Roaming Credit to your 4Gon GSM SIM


4Gon Global Roaming SIM The 4Gon Global Roaming SIM lets you travel and trade in 200+ countries without expensive roaming charges. Features Roam in 200+ Countries/Territories with near-local rates UK number, optional USA number. Add incoming numbers from several countries

Atcom IP02 Asterisk PBX Appliance

The IP02 is the latest member of the IP0x family and is a complete Asterisk Appliance with either one FXO or FXS module. It is an embedded open source Linux system with built-in SIP/IAX proxy server and NAT functions. The

Dynafluid 2000 Steam & Water Mixing Valve

  Outstanding economy – up to 80% cost-savings   Instantaneous hot water   Unrivalled operator safety – steam shuts off automatically if cold water pressure is less than 1 Bar   Easy to service without removing from pipework – full

Ecom Instruments Ex-Handy 05 Mobile Phone (Zone 1/22)

Compact and safe! The Ex-Handy 05 combines simple and comfortable use with the flexibility of enabling you to stay in touch wherever you are – even if you work in ex-hazardous areas. Specifically designed for stability and durability, the Ex-Handy

Ecom Instruments Ex-Handy 06 Mobile Phone (Zone 1/21)

The new Ex-Handy 06 sets new standards for efficient and reliable communication in the Ex-area, even under extreme conditions the Ex-Handy 06 combines state of the art technology and maximum robustness. The phone is tough and can withstand extreme environmental

Ecom Instruments Ex-PMR 1000 Two-Way-Radio

The Ex-PMR 1000 is a license and charge-free two-way radio for wireless communication in Ex-hazardous areas. Safe and reliable communication is an important aspect in Ex-hazardous areas. Stringent requirements have to be satisfied by all radio transceivers used, to ensure

Ecom Instruments Ex-PMR 2000 Two-Way-Radio

Ecom has developed a professional handheld radio specifically for your daily work in ex-hazardous areas. The Ex-PMR 2000 offers safe and reliable voice communication in daily operation or even in emergency situations. Communicate simply and without risk with your colleagues

Ecom Instruments Getac V100-Ex Tablet-PC

In one quick rotation the Getac V100 -Ex Rugged Laptop transforms into a tablet PC. Designed with the industrial environment in mind the Getac V100 -Ex is both MIL-STD 810G certified and IP65 compliant and composes of a magnesium alloy

Ecom Instruments i.roc x20 (-Ex) Pocket PC Range

The ecom i.roc x20 (-Ex) is a high performance industrial PDA based on Windows MobileTM, with compact external dimensions, an integrated WLAN, USB, BluetoothTM and an IrDa port. Trend-setting success – The success of our industrial PDA i.roc x20 is

Ecom Instruments Lite Com Pro Ear Capsule Radio Unit

Lite Com Pro is a radio unit integrated into the capsules. It enables effective communication up to a distance of 3 kilometres. Two external microphones allow individual adaptation of the ambient noise. Lite Com Pro is an ear protector with

Ecom Instruments 21x Mobile Phone (Zone 2)

The 212 -Ex is a fully functional mobile phone with integrated camera. Cameras prohibited? That‘s not a problem the 210 -Ex is the model for you and has all the features of the 212- Ex without the

Ecom Instruments 40x, 5xx & 6xx Mobile Phones (Various Zones)

X.clusive, X.treme X.plosion-proof – the It is the first mobile phone with an integrated acceleration sensor and GPS receiver for providing dead man‘s alarm and location of workers in emergency situations. The robust housing offers a high level of

Furse ESP M1 Series

Combined Type 1, 2 and 3 tested protector (to BS EN 61643) for use on mains power distribution systems primarily to protect connected electronic equipment from transient overvoltages on the mains supply, e.g. computer, communications or control equipment. For use

G 100 SIP/IAX Call Credit

Enjoy all the benefits of VoIP with our flexible VoIP call credit. Use credit to make low cost VoIP calls using our free VoIP trunks. VoIP call credit can also be used to credit forwarding and redirection services. More on

Honeywell Analytics Impact Personal Multi-Gas Monitors

The Impact range of portable multi-gas monitors is able to monitor and display up to four gases simultaneously. Using high specification flammable, oxygen and patented Surecell™ toxic sensors, our unique cartridge technology ensures safe, accurate and reliable measurements are always

Keison Global Secure Email

What is Keison Global Secure Email? Keison Global Secure Email provides a simple, reliable, secure e-mail hosting with non intrusive spam protection The webmail interface is much simpler than, for example, Gmail or Hotmail. Yet, our service has powerful and

Keison Global Secure Laptop

Why Keison Global Secure Laptop? Today computers are an extension of your mind. A computer replaces pen and paper, checkbook, diary, filing cabinet and your music and movie collection. You create, work and communicate with them. It also becomes your

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