Gold Globals

Heimerle+Meule 1Kg Gold BarWhat is Keison Global?

Keison Global promotes exchange of value for value worldwide.

  • Mitigate balance sheet uncertainties
  • Gold bars delivered for Gold Globals

What is a Global?

One gold Global is a unit of account delivered as 0.1 gram of fine gold.

Keison Global ships 1Kg (1000 grams) of 99.99% fine gold for every G10,000.00.

Why Globals?

Between 1946 and 2012, crude oil price per barrel in Globals has remained stable. In fact, the price of crude oil, a major factor in any economic calculation is back at arond G17 per barrel, just as it was in early 1946. Therefore, gold is a perfect store of value. Using gold Globals gives you:

  • Instant payment worldwide
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Safety, security and convenience
  • Freedom from sophisticated theft

Crude Oil price in Globals and Dollars, 1946 - 2012

Crude oil price January 1946 to April 2012

How do I get started?

Keison Global sells products at a discount for gold Globals. We also offer to sell you gold Globals if you don’t have any and buy gold Globals from you.

How do I use Globals?

You have to download and install GSF System Truledger which is available for Linux, Mac & Windows.  You must register a new Truledger account to receive and spend Gold Globals.

Dedicated Truledger Terminal

For corporate customers, Keison Industrial recommends a Truledger Terminal which comes complete with:

  • 100% encrypted operating system
  • VPN tunnels for encrypted network
  • 24×7 service

What is Truledger?

Truledger is a cryptographically secured vault and trading system. It is a general ledger, digitally-signed with RSA security and allows the server and the client to prove to each other that they agreed at a particular time on their balances while allowing destruction of transaction history for closed trades. Truledger lets you mobilize your inventory… find out more.

  • Payments are offered, Payee must accept
  • Payer can cancel unaccepted payments
  • Payee can reject the offer
  • Text message for each step